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As we have mentioned before, sleep apnea can effect many areas of your life.    Chronic sleepiness, poor performance, and poor sleep are only the beginning of the problem.   Dr. Lipscomb and Brush Up Dental are committed to providing you with the best service that can lead to the resolution of your sleep issues.  This resolution may not even be a service we provide.   Let’s explain.



Screening for sleep issues


Our first, and biggest goal is to screen for Sleep Apnea.   Now, this may not be a formal process, and may be done at your regular dental appointment, but it is an important one.   The doctors at Brush Up Dental will perform a complete dental exam on each visit, and they may spot the warning signs of a sleep issue.    Some of these warning signs can be tooth wear, tooth grinding, acid erosion, or even a scalloped tongue.   More information can be found on our symptoms page.


Dentists like Dr. Lipscomb cannot diagnose Sleep Apnea, but they often see patients on more of a regular basis than do physicians.   These regular visits are the perfect time to spot potential sleep problems and move to the next step.


Sleep Apnea Testing


As we mentioned before, dentists cannot diagnose sleep apnea.  That is why it is important for dentists like Dr. Lipscomb to have a good relationship with Physicians who can facilitate testing, and interpret those tests.   Dr. Lipscomb works with several pulmanologists, cardiologists, and sleep physicians in the Richmond area to find the right solution for you.
Dr. Lipscomb will be happy to refer you to the correct physician to evaluate your treatment goals and needs. 


Dental Sleep Apnea Appliances


You might notice that Sleep Apnea appliances are not at the top of our list.  

Although they are a big part of our treatment of sleep apnea, they are not always the main focus.   Our goal is to get you the treatment that you need, and aid in the discovery of the disease.   We feel that our screening is the most important part of the process, and sleep appliances come later when appropriate.


With that being said, we will be happy to fabricate the appropriate appliance for you.  More information can be found on our Dental Sleep Apn

ea appliance page.  Your sleep apnea appliance will be fitted to you to either help with snoring, or aid in your obstructive sleep apnea.  Check with Dr.Lipscomb to see what appliance is appropriate for you.

Monitoring of Sleep Apnea


After your appliance is delivered we will take great care to monitor your progress.   Appointments will be set up for the weeks and months following the delivery of your appliance to evaluate your progress, and to observe your health.  We can celebrate your successes and also monitor any problems that might be emerging.   


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