Dental Sleep Apnea

Dental Sleep Apnea

You are probably wondering why dentists would be involved with sleep apnea treatment.   At our offices, we feel that your dental health is a big part of your overall health.   We often see you much more than you would see your family physician.   It is our responsibility to notice things that could adversely affect your health, and put you on the right path to solving the problem.  Sleep Apnea is one of these disorders.

So many of the signs and symptoms of Sleep Apnea are things that we see every day.  The dentist may be best suited to notice the airway in the back of your mouth and your oral habits like grinding or wear from acid erosion.   We consider dentists to be on the front line of screening for sleep apnea, and there to offer alternative appliance/mouthpiece therapy when needed.

Brush Up Dental will work with your physician, sleep doctor, and medical insurance to find a solution for you.   This is a team effort between the dentist and the physician to improve your health.

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