How Do Sleep Apnea appliances work?


Sleep Appliances

Live in Richmond and Need a Dental Sleep Apnea Mouthpiece?

There are many kinds of dental mouthpieces that can work for you.   Richmond dentist, Jason T. Lipscomb DDS will help you find the right fit.  Your insurance may dictate a specific appliance, but we can find a solution.

“Pull” Appliances

These appliances bring the jaw forward by lightly pulling.   The popular “TAP” appliance shown just such an appliance

“Push” Appliances

These appliances work by lightly pushing the jaw forwards.  The Herbst appliance shown here is just such an appliance.

Brand Name Appliances

These appliances are offered by one supplier, and often have a proprietary style.   Appliances like the Somnomed appliance shown are very popular.

Which Sleep Apnea appliance is right for you?

Dr. Lipscomb will work to find the right Dental Sleep Apnea Mouthpiece for you.    After a complete workup and examination, Dr. Lipscomb will discuss the findings and choose your style.

Newer Sleep Apnea Appliances

Newer materials in Sleep Apnea Appliances allow for more streamlined and comfortable appliances.

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